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Plagiarism in Numbers. Are You Ready?

Why is plagiarism bad? It is because it does not give credit or cite the author for his or her work. It also prevents a student from learning and it deceives teachers or professors in the process. It may also suggest that students do not have a good character, which is why they are willing to cheat or lie about their work.

Plagiarism in Numbers

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What Makes Plagiarism Bad

Briefly, a student has to develop his writing skills and knowledge of the subject, but it won’t happen if they are not the ones who write their essays and worse if they copied and pasted a source, an essay for example. With plagiarism, students do not learn and develop their skills.

For professionals, those who cheat may be regarded as dishonest by their employers, if they’re busted. And so professionals are in the field where people rely on their skills and knowledge, they should not dishonestly claim that they have the right knowledge in accomplishing their tasks where in fact they do not.

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What has the trend of plagiarism been at your institution over the past 30 years?

  • 42.3% increase
  • 9.7% decrease
  • 48% stay the same

How often do you find your student restoring to the open web, instead of library databases?

  • Rarely 1.8%
  • Moderately often 14.2%
  • Very often 84%

Students struggle to differentiate between paraphrasing, comments and quotations

  • Rarely 5.1%
  • Moderately often 33.4%
  • Very often 61.5%

Students struggle with developing their research concept, thesis and/or assignment framework

  • Rarely 9.8%
  • Moderately often 23.6%
  • Very often 66.6%

Top Plagiarized sites

  • Wikipedia
  • Yahoo Answers
  • SlideShare

Top Cited Sites

  • Wikipedia
  • The New York Times
  • YouTube

Nevertheless, plagiarism is present in most, if not all, industries, and in schools, and it affects the lives of the ones plagiarizing. They may be regarded dishonest and disrespectful because they deceive the ones who read or mark their work. In order to avoid this, get an expert paraphrasing help from professional services or try to paraphrase on your own.

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