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Ear and forehead combined themometer

4 in 1 Thermo TH1072

The TH1072 combines ear, forehead, object and ambient temperature measurement in one device. It delivers clinically accurate readings in just one second for easy temperature measurements. Simply press and hold the scan button to quickly read body, room, bottle or bath water temperatures. The memory recall lets you revisit the last 30 readings for simple monitoring.

?   Measurement in seconds

?   Bi-direction LCD display

?   Compare to last measurement function

?   Cleaning prompt function

?   Torch light

?   Displays measurements in °C and °F

?   30 memory spaces

?   Automatic switch-off

?   Acoustic signal when measurement is complete

?   Low battery indicator

?   Medical device

Product designation4-in-1 infrared thermometer
Automatic switch-offYes
Low battery indicatorYes
Fever alarm (display)Yes
Acoustic signalYes
Memory spaces30
°C/°F SwitchYes
Protective coverYes
Laboratory Accuracy ±0.2 (±0.4) for the range of  35.0-42.0 (95.0-107.6)
± 0.3
(±0.5) for other range
Cleaning reminderYes
Disposable ear coverIf applicableNo
Product weightapprox. 70.5 g(without battery)
Product dimensions152 x 40.5x 34 mm
Body measuring range32-42.9(89.6-109.3)
Object measuring range20.0-60.0(68.0-140.0)
Object measuring accuracy±0.2 (±0.4)

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