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Ultrasound Combo CT2011

The CT2011 can help relieve pain effectively and improve daily living by allowing you to live pain free.

The CT2011 combines clinically proven electrical therapy with ultrasound therapy in one device, making for an innovative solution of chronic and acute muscular pain. This unit is really easy to use due to the Pre-Set 14 Modes of TENS, simply pick a comfortable mode and start your therapy. When using the Ultrasound setting, the digital setting makes it really easy to get started.

?   2-in-1 Combo of TENS & Ultrasound: Both can be used at the same time.

?   14 Pre-Set TENS programs with 1 MHz Portable Ultrasound

?   Easy application with Blue LCD back-light indication

?   Plug in power supply adapter

?   14 Pre-Set TENS Programs with Professional 1 MHz Ultrasound

?   Easy Application to all areas of the body

?   AC Power Adapter Supply

Product designation2-in-1 Combo Unit
Ultrasound Specs
Generator Output2.0W ± 10%
Timer10 min
Actual Radiating Area (AER)4.0 cm2 ± 20%
Actual intensity0.5 W/cm2 ± 20%
Beam typeCollimated
TENS Specs
Output characteristicsconstant voltage (CV)
Reading resolution1V
Programeach 7 programs for C and U Mode

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