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Smart TENS LT5018C

The LT5018C is a 3-in-1 combo device, equipped with 14 present programs and 60 levels of adjustable intensity to suit your individual needs. The wireless, independent unit delivers TENS for blocking pain, EMS for muscle recovery and Massage for relaxation. The Wireless device can be used over multiple zones of the body for versatile treatment options.

?   TENS, EMS and Massage Functions

?   6 preset TENS programs

?   5 preset EMS programs

?   3 preset Massage programs

?   60 levels of adjustable intensity

?   Big black screen with white display, user friendly for operator

?   Long term use rechargeable lithium ion battery

?   Can be used with Wireless Remote or Mobile App

?   App available in the App Store and Google Play Store

Product designationWireless 3 in 1 System
Channel1 channel
Treatment Modes3 modes
ProgramsTENS: 6 programs
EMS: 5 programs
MASSAGE: 3 programs
Adjustable intensity0~60 levels
Power supply3.7V Li-ion
(remote control: DC 3.0V 2x AAA Batteries )
LCD ScreenBlack screen with white display
App connectionYes
Remote controlYes

Contact Us

  • Office address: Block A, 5th floor, Fuhua Technical Building,No. 9116 Beihuan Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China, P.C.518057
  • Factory address: Floor 1-2, No.3 Building, Fanshen Xusheng Industrial Estate, Xilixiaobaimang, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China, P.C.518108
  • Tel: (86) 755 2765 2471
  • E-mail: marketing@e-caretalk.com