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Classic device

1 Channel EMG LE1000

The LE1000 is a single EMG biofeedback device. It is a simple to use advanced product, principally to enhance Pelvic Floor Muscle exercises for both strengthening and relaxing the muscle. It can also be used for Sports and General Physiotherapy and Neurological applications.

?   EMG: provide biofeedback therapy and assessment, the measurement of muscle activity, which can assist the user to maximize the benefit of muscle exercises

?   Electro stimulation: relieve pain, improve blood circulation, and improve muscle strength and power of movement

?   EMG triggered stimulation: facilitate those with flaccid muscles, enhance those with stress related incontinence and to assist in re-educating the brain to function on the urinary nerve pathway

?   Auditory and visual EMG biofeedback signal

?   Multiple language support: English, German, French, Italian and Spanish

?   Color dot matrix display

?   User-friendly menu interface

Product designationSingle channel EMG
Channel1 channel
Treatment ModesEMG
Adjustable intensity0.2 to 2000 Μv
EMG Range  0.2 to 2000 μV
Work/Rest periods2-99 seconds
Number of trials2-99
Memory functionYES
Safety Key lockYES

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