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Classic device

Advanced EMG LE9011

The LE9011 combined EMG [electromyography] and Neuromuscular Stimulation is a simple to use advanced product for reducing incontinence in females with urinary incontinence. The device has been developed to enhance and support the Clinician, to assist the end user at home to learn more about their Pelvic muscle and above all to improve their Pelvic Muscle strength and their incontinence therapy.

?   EMG, STIM and ETS Modes

?   One channel EMG and One channel EMS stimulation

?   One channel ETS with stimulation

?   Preset Programs: Incontinence treatment, Pelvic floor muscle development and neuromuscular Rehabilitation

?   User programs for EMG/ETS ( 1 phase) and STIM (up to 5 stimulation phases) mode

?   Patient mode for home users and Therapy mode for Physiotherapists

?   Auditory and visual EMG biofeedback signal

?   PC software available

EMG Range 0.2 to 2000μV
Work/Rest periods2-99seconds
Number of trials2-99
ProgramPre-set 20, Custom 3
Output Intensity Adjustable from 0 to 90mA  (load 1000Ω)
Work/Rest periods1-99sec

Contact Us

  • Office address: Block A, 5th floor, Fuhua Technical Building,No. 9116 Beihuan Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China, P.C.518057
  • Factory address: Floor 1-2, No.3 Building, Fanshen Xusheng Industrial Estate, Xilixiaobaimang, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China, P.C.518108
  • Tel: (86) 755 2765 2471
  • E-mail: marketing@e-caretalk.com