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R&D team has attained "Certificate of Invention Patent"


Dongdixin R&D team has attained the "Certificate of Invention Patent" from China National Intellectual Property Administration in 24 September, 2014. 

Since 2005, Dongdixin has been committed to the research and development of electro-physical rehabilitation products for pain relief, and has studied the mechanism of different electrical stimulation waveforms, which based on the electrophysiology of nerve cells and muscle cells, and has gradually become the world's leading household electrical stimulation device supplier.

Since 2010, Dongdixin has been involved in the research of bio-feedback technology, and has made breakthroughs in suppressing working mode interference. Combined with various evaluation methods and algorithms of EMG, a series of home biofeedback therapeutic instruments with low noise, high anti-interference ability and high precision have been developed by our R&D team.

On September 24, 2014, Dongdixin attained the"Certificate of Invention Patent" in terms of bio-feedback technology. The acquisition of this patent is benefited from the company's strong scientific and technological innovation and independent R&D capabilities. It is the result of Dongdixin's continuous efforts to implement scientific research innovation and research investment.

Dongdixin encourages scientific research and development, invention and creation, stimulates the enthusiasm of more company employees to invent and create, so that could enhance the company's technological innovation ability, and improve the company's core competitiveness.

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  • Factory address: Floor 1-2, No.3 Building, Fanshen Xusheng Industrial Estate, Xilixiaobaimang, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China, P.C.518108
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  • E-mail: marketing@e-caretalk.com