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Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn from Thailand with Dongdixin



Dongdixin has sponsered the "i-CAREATe 2018 & HCR 2018", it is The 12th International Convention on Rehabilitation Enginnering and Assistive Technology & The 2nd Shanghai International Symposium on Human-Centered Robotics, which has been hold at Shanghai Convention and Exhibition Center on July 14-16, 2018, for global student innovation challenge. Dongdixin has invited the Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn of the Kindom of Thailand to attend for this convention! 

The International Convention on Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology (i-CREATe) was founded in 2007, and is held every year. It has been over 10 years, become a benchmark academic exchange activity for rehabilitation engineering and assistive technology in Asia-Pacific region. The purpose of the convention is to promote assistive technology to improve the life quality of the elderly and the disabled, and to provide a platform for academic exchanges in rehabilitation engineering and assistive technology in Asia-Pacific region. The Coalition of Rehabilitation Engineering and Technology (Asia) is an authoritative organization in the field of rehabilitation engineering and assistive technology in Asia-Pacific region. It was formally established in Singapore in 2015, under the witness of Princess Sirindhorn of the Kingdom of Thailand. The founding member institutions are 13 associations, institutes or organizations from Thailand, Singapore, Japan, China (including Hong Kong & Taiwan), Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, and Malaysia. The theme of 2018 Asian Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Conference is "Cooperation, Innovation - Making the World Barrier", which aims to call for closer exchanges and cooperation between Asia and the whole world to enhance the scientific innovation and development of the assistive device industry. The conference has three modules: (1) an academic conference including a plenary session and a series of workshops, (2) the International Student Innovation Design Challenge (gSIC), (3) the International Auxiliary Device Industry Development Forum. 

In this conference, Princess Sirindhorn is specially invited to participate in, and presented awards to the winning contestants!


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