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Ernst Pohlmann and assistant Florian Bohnhorst came to China for a 5-days training


Pohlmann 3.jpg


Since June 2018, Dongdixin has confirmed the cooperation with Ernst Pohlmann, under the coordination of George Zhao, Dongdixin has started to prepare for the preliminary training for Das Pohlmannkonzept?.

As we all know, medical technology is related to the health and safety of "People", and its application requires more rigorous, meticulous and scientific demonstration. In addition, medical communication has very high requirements on language, especially international communication, and German is recognized as a rare language. Therefore, the preparatory work is very large, including the translation of the training materials, the translation and proofreading of Pohlmann's books, as well as the arrangement of the training schedule, the arrangement of the venue and the Physio-students. 

Dongdixin finally decided to provide a training venue with the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-Sen University, and the Lingdu Clinic provided the site.

In April 2019, Ernst Pohlmann and assistant Florian Bohnhorst came to China for a 5-day training. The on-site training content was rich and exciting. The Physio-trainees were deeply attracted by Pohlmann's simple technique and immediate effect. All people are looking forward to the next training.

After the training, George and Pohlmann communicated and concluded, and both sides put the plan for the next training on the agenda.

The German local media magazine KL?NSNACK has a special report on Pohlmann's training in China.

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